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Cheese Me

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Cheese Me

Gourmet Charcuterie Box

Perfect for 1 Person

The Cheese Me is our our signature, individual-sized cheese box. It's like a Lunchables all grown up and way more chic. With individual compartments separating each gourmet ingredient, all you need to do stack the perfect bite and enjoy.

4 Boxes Per Order Minimum. $14.50 Each.

What's Included

We swap ingredients based on seasons and availability. 
The typical Cheese Me Box includes:

Manchego, Aged White Cheddar, Gouda, Salami, Crackers, Pistachios, Dried Apricots, Olives, Dried Tangerines, Gooseberries, Dried Figs, Chocolate.

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  • Silly goose

    Gouda, Gooseberries, Cracker

  • Meat Bae

    Salami, Coppa, Olives Cracker

  • Oo la la

    Manchego, Honey, Pistachio Tangerine Slices, Cracker